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To determine whether it is possible to construct shapes with infinite perimeters but finite...
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I wanted to demonstrate how parallax works in measuring distances on a small scale, and to see if one method was more accurate than the other. My hypothesis was that the tangent method would be more accurate than the radian...
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The objective of my project was to find out how travel times varied between segments on SamTrans Bus route 260 from my home in Redwood Shores to Ralston Middle School in...
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The purpose of my project is to see what would happen if a basic sine function is added to the graph of a circle or an ellipse. I believe that a pattern will be created according to how the circle "bumps" around the curve....
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The hypothesis of the experiment is that the ratio between the error in determining I using by inscribing polygons within and circumscribing polygons about a circle with (km) sides and that obtained using polygons with (kn) sides will...
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The purpose of this project is to provide us with a clear understanding of what are fractals, and how to construct an image using...
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The overall objective of this project was to explore which shapes can (or cannot) tile a rectangular grid or infinite plane (in one or multiple ways) and understand...
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