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Insects are classified like all other living organisms. All insects are in kingdom Animalia, classified under phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta. They are further categorized by order according to features on parts of their anatomy, such as mouthparts, wings and legs. Insects occupy a variety of habitats, including dead wood, soil, aquatic environments, and dark and damp environments such as bathrooms...
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Scientists group organisms into 5 or 6 kingdoms of life: animal, plant, fungi, protist and bacteria. Many of these kingdoms can be observed in a pond water sample using a microscope. These kingdoms can be distinguished by their size, shape, appendages, color and behavior. In this science project you are going to visit a local pond, collect samples and observe them under a...
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Heredity can be a complicated process, but the basic principles of heredity result from the fact that you inherit half of your genes from your mother and half from your father. Because of this, heredity is comparable to a coin toss, with the genes of each parent represented by one side of the coin. For each trait that you have, you get heads or tails, your mother's or father's genes. In this project, you...
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Reptiles are cold-blooded, meaning that most species of reptiles are unable to generate their own heat. This requires them to regulate the amount of heat they absorb. One method that reptiles use for thermoregulation, which is the regulation of their body temperature, is to move into the shade or water when their body temperature is high, or to bask in the sun when they are too cold and need warming up....
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Evolutionary divergence refers to how different species are able to evolve from the a single species, as the result of populations becoming isolated from the rest of the species. If these isolated populations are exposed to different environmental demands, new species may evolve. A species of butterfly may have yellow wings. Imagine the destruction of the butterflies? habitat and that part of the...
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Convergent evolution refers to how different species of organisms evolve to possess similar physical characteristics, in order to adapt to a particular environment. At first look, bears and seals may appear to have little in common other than both of them being mammals. Yet, the skeletal structures of their feet are very similar. In this investigation, you will select a biome and identify a convergent...
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This experiment was performed to find out if the gender of mice will affect their learning abilities and whether there is a co-relation between gender and left handedness or right...
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This science fair project was done to find out if hamsters are territorial animals. The tests were done by placing several pairs of hamsters in cages and observing their...
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Have you ever wondered if all animals are able to see in the dark? We know owls and other nocturnal animals have the ability to do so. But how about common household pets? This science fair project was conducted to determine if animals are able to see in the dark. Specifically, the experiment was conducted on a dog, a cat and a monkey, to ascertain if they are able to see color in the...
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This experiment was conducted to find out how global warming and temperature will affect the metamorphosis in a butterfly. The experiment was done using the Painted lady...
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