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Using fruit to preserve bread
This experiment was performed to compare how adding fruit paste to bread made it last longer without s. The tests were done using paste made from prunes, raisins and dates added to the bread before baking.
Difficulty: Middle school
What are fungi?
Fungi have evolved to use a lot of different items for food. Some are decomposers living on dead organic material like leaves. Some fungi cause diseases by using living organisms for food. These fungi infect plants, animals and even other fungi. Athlete’s foot and ringworm are two fungal diseases in humans. The mycorrhizal fungi live as partners with plants. They provide mineral nutrients to the p
Difficulty: Elementary school
What are the effects of defoliation and fungus on plants and soil organisms in experimental legume-grass communities.
We established a 13-week greenhouse experiment based on replicated microcosms to test whether the effects of defoliation on grassland plants and soil organisms depend on plant species composition and the presence of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. The experiment constituted of three treatment factors - plant species composition, inoculation of an AM fungus and defoliation - in a fully factorial
Difficulty: High school
What are the effects of surfactants on biodegradation and bioavailability of contaminants in soils?
It has been recently discussed that the bioavailability of soil bound contaminants was consistently identified as a fundamental limitation in enhancing rates of contaminant biodegradation in soils. One of the strategies for enhancing desorption rates and subsequent biodegradation rates of nonpolar contaminants in soils is the use of surfactants.
Difficulty: High school
What is the effect of acid rain on Lichens?
The purpose for this experiment is to investigate the effect of acidic solution on fruticose, foliose, and crustose lichens. This experiment is being done to model the effect of acid rain on lichens in the natural environment and to use this information to determine if these lichens can be used as bioindicators.
Difficulty: High school
What is the Effect of Lignin on biodegradability?
Plant cell wall material is composed of three important constituents: cellulose, lignin, and hemicellulose. Lignin is particularly difficult to biodegrade, and reduces the bioavailability of the other cell wall constituents. A bit of knowledge about each of these constituents is helpful in understanding the vastly different rates that different plant materials decompose.
Difficulty: High school
What is the plasticity and constraint in growth and protein mineralization of ectomycorrhizal fungi under simulated nitrogen deposition
Ectomycorrhizal fungi allow their host plants access to organic forms of N through enzymatic mineralization of the substrate and enhanced absorption of amino acids and mineral N. The cost to the plant is carbohydrates that support fungal growth and metabolism. Enrichment of soils with mineral N, as through atmospheric deposition, may affect the growth and function of these fungi by direct effects
Difficulty: High school
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