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How to identify biodegradable materials
The goal of this experiment is to define biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials, and to identify what materials are biodegradable.
Difficulty: Middle school
How to make a model ecosystem in a bottle
In this experiment students will construct and monitor a model ecosystem. With it they will design an experiment to better understand the impact of man-made changes on biological processes in air and water.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Migration of Monarch butterflies and global warming
This science fair project was conducted to find out how global warming will affect the survival of Monarch butterflies.
Difficulty: High school
Reducing nitrate levels in water with denitrifying bacteria
This science fair project was conducted to ascertain the effect of introducing denitrifying bacteria to water contaminated with nitrates.
Difficulty: High school
The effect of wind on plants
Is wind good for plants, or can then they survive without it? It is well known that plants need the proper amount of sunlight and water to grow, but what about wind? Do plants need wind to grow? How does wind effect plants? This experiment will provide insight to how wind affects the health of plants.
Thermal insulation of glass windows
This science fair project was performed to study how different types of glass windows are able to provide indoor thermal insulation. The science project experiment involved single-glazed glass, double-glazed glass and film- coated glass.
Difficulty: High school
To mow or not to mow: the impact of plant communities on biodiversity
Biodiversity hotspots are regions of the Earth with a high concentration of species. Plants are often important components of biological communities because they are at the base of the food web and provide living structures for other organisms. Species richness, or the number of species in an area, is one measure of biodiversity. In this science project, you are going to test the hypothesis that c
Understanding biological communities
List familiar organisms found in several different communities. Distinguish between producer and consumer organisms in your list. Examine and identify as many organisms as possible from a soil community.
Difficulty: Middle school
Using natural pesticides to control termites
This science fair project was conducted to determine the effectiveness of using natural pesticides to control termites. The science fair project was carried out using boric acid, lemon juice, tomato juice and vinegar.
Difficulty: Middle school
Vegetable oil for water retention in soil
This science fair project was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of using oil to retain water in soil. The science project experiment involved corn oil, sunflower oil and canola oil.
Difficulty: Middle school
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