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This science fair project was conducted to ascertain how the distance between falling dominoes will affect the speed of their fall. The science project experiment involved spacing the dominoes at gaps of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm..
Difficulty: Middle school
This science fair project was performed to evaluate the relationship between the age of a person and the Stroop effect. The science project experiment involved giving participants 3 types of tests - reading text written only in black, reading colored text, and announcing the color of the words.
Difficulty: High school
This science fair project was performed to study the effect of text color and background color on viewing distance. The science project experiment involved using signboards with a dark green background and white, yellow, red and blue colors for the text.
Difficulty: Middle school
This science fair project was performed to find out how magic eye images appear to persons with different eyesight conditions. The science project experiment involved participants with normal vision, near-sighted vision and far-sighted vision.
Difficulty: High school
This science project was conducted to find what type of things attract the attention of animals. The science experiment was performed on a monkey, a dog, a cat and a mouse, to compare their behavior.
Difficulty: Middle school
In various cultures and traditions, the study of the body's energy plays an important role in maintaining good health. The term Chakra, a Sanskrit word for "wheel", refers to parts of the body that are our "center of energy". In some cultures, it is believed that everything in this universe is made of energy, including our bodies. In this science project you will be locating the "chakras" of your
The objective of this experiment is to determine the effect of different amount of water on plant growth. The experiment will be carried out by watering radish seeds with different amount of water daily and observing the rate of growth.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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