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Floating soap bubbles
This experiment was performed to find out if soap bubbles will be able to stay afloat longer in different environments. The experiment was done to compare how long air bubbles float in air and carbon dioxide.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Magic eye
This science fair project was performed to find out how magic eye images appear to persons with different eyesight conditions. The science project experiment involved participants with normal vision, near-sighted vision and far-sighted vision.
Difficulty: High school
Static electricity discharge in cars
Accidents have been known to occur at gas stations, when on especially dry days, static electricity is discharged as a driver exits or enters his car. This is especially dangerous at gas stations, as the sparks that occur during discharge sometimes lead to explosions. This science fair project was performed to investigate the amount of static electricity discharged between car seats and clothing.
Difficulty: Middle school
The density of Coca-Cola
This experiment was performed to find out if the different brands of soda can drinks have a higher density or lower density than water. The experiment was done to compare the difference in densities between regular Coke and Diet Coke.
Difficulty: High school
The invincible soap bubble!
Do you like playing with bubbles? Almost every kid loves to blow bubbles – and wishes that their bubbles don’t pop or evaporate so quickly! This science fair project was performed to determine if adding other substances to a bubble solution can help the bubbles last longer. Testing was done by adding corn syrup, sugar water, glycerin and lemon juice the to the bubble solution.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The Stroop effect and age
This science fair project was performed to evaluate the relationship between the age of a person and the Stroop effect. The science project experiment involved giving participants 3 types of tests - reading text written only in black, reading colored text, and announcing the color of the words.
Difficulty: High school
Water and plant growth
The objective of this experiment is to determine the effect of different amount of water on plant growth. The experiment will be carried out by watering radish seeds with different amount of water daily and observing the rate of growth.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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