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Learning a new language and your age
This science fair project was performed to ascertain the influence of age on the ability of a person to learn and acquire a new language. The science project experiment involved children between ages 10 and 15 and adults between ages 25 and 40.
Difficulty: High school
Memory "chunking"!
Why is it that some people have better memory than others? There are a number of factors that can influence memory, and sometimes people are better at remembering certain types of information, while they have a more difficult time remembering information of another nature. An example of this is that some people are very good at remembering faces but have trouble remembering numbers. Whether a pers
Strategy games and spatial reasoning
This science fair project was performed to ascertain if playing strategic games and solving puzzles regularly will help to improve a person's spatial reasoning skill. The science project experiment involved a chess player, a Sudoku specialist, a rubix cube expert and a person who is not interested in puzzles or strategic games.
Difficulty: High school
Subliminal messages - do they really work?
This experiment was conducted to find out whether subliminal messages can be effectively used to influence the decisions that the person makes.
Difficulty: High school
Text color and comprehension
This science fair project was performed to ascertain the effect of text color on the comprehension of students. The science project experiment involved using 5 different essays printed in black, red, blue and green colored text printed on white paper.
Difficulty: Middle school
The Correlation between physical activity and academic performance
This experiment was done to investigate the benefits of performing physical activity before students take an exam.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Will doing more homework help students perform better in exams?
The more homework students complete, especially from grades six to twelve, the better they do in school, according to recent research. The research also demonstrates that parental attitudes toward homework play an important role in their children's education.
Difficulty: Middle school
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