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Demonstrate and explain magnetic field shielding
This simple experiment shows you how to demonstrate magnetic shielding and explains how it works.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Does the angle at which the Sun's rays fall on a solar cell affect the power that's produced?
I think that if the solar cell is placed perpendicular to the sun's rays, the power going to the cell will be maximized.
Difficulty: Middle school
Does the number of turns of wire in an electromagnet affect its strength?
The purpose of this experiment was to find out if the number of wire wraps will effect the amount of iron filings an electromagnet picks up.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Effect of temperature on battery life
This experiment was conducted to find out how temperature changes affect the life of a disposable battery. The experiment was conducted using Duracell, Energizer and Eveready size AA disposable batteries.
Difficulty: Middle school
Effect of temperature on conductivity and resistance
This experiment was conducted to find out how temperature affects the conductivity and resistance of a wire. The experiment was done using copper wire of diameter 0.5 mm.
Difficulty: High school
Electromagnets and the number of coils
This experiment was done to investigate the relationship between the number of turns in a coil and the voltage induced in it by a moving magnet.
Difficulty: High school
Galvanic cells
This science fair project was done to find out the voltages that are obtained by using different combinations of metals in a Galvanic cell. The tests were done using copper, lead and zinc.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Hair color and static
This science fair project was carried out to determine if hair color affects the amount of static electricity produced. The test was done on black, white, blond and red hair.
Difficulty: Middle school
High-Ampere Magnetism!
There are a number of science museum exhibits which require many tens of amperes of electric current in a thick cable to generate strong magnetism. One example is a raft of compasses with a 200-amp cable running through the center of the raft. Or, three 100-amp cables with three-phase AC powering them, where the resulting field rotates and can spin a conductive object by induction. Rath
Difficulty: High school
How do magnetic field lines look like?
Iron filings align themselves in strong magnetic fields. This reveals the shape of the field patterns. A similar thing happens with the electric fields created by high voltage and by "static electricity." If small fibers are exposed to a very strong electric or magnetic field, they will align with the field and make it visible.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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