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How do pollutants affect marine life?
The purpose of this experiment was to discover how pollutants of varying concentrations harm aquatic life. I became interested in this topic when looking through a list of ideas. I thought it would be interesting to see what pollutants were the most harmful to aquatic environments. I am also concerned about pollution of our water because I enjoy many water sports including skiing and swimming.
Difficulty: High school
How much pollution can water take before it becomes unsafe? Does this differ between different water sources?
It has always been a concern of mine that local bodies of water might have fallen victim to chemical pollution as a result of dumping or acid rain. My experiment will allow me to determine the amount of buffer capacity if any is in three local bodies of water.
Difficulty: High school
How much space does trash occupy?
The amount of trash placed in landfills and sanitary dumps is a major concern. Let's look at how much space trash really occupies.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How to make a vegetable oil tanker
This activity shows you how to make an oil "tanker' which can be used to clean up a vegetable oil "spill".
Difficulty: Elementary school
Is the water near animal pens contaminated?
The purpose of this experiment is to test the water near animal pens in Batesburg-Leesville for fecal contamination. I hypothesize that the wells located near the animal pens will be more likely to show fecal contamination than the wells that are not near animal pens.
Difficulty: Middle school
Pollution and depth of water
Does the pollution in a lake get worse as it gets deeper? Is the water cleaner nearer the surface? Or is it the other way around? This science fair project was conducted to determine how the depth of water can affect the concentration of pollution found in the water. The experiment was done by collecting water samples from a lake at depths of 1 meter, 2 meters 3 meters and 4 meters.
Difficulty: High school
River pollution
This science fair project is conducted to find out how human activity affect the quality of water in our river channels. The river water will be tested for its acidity, turbidity, as well as for the presence of ammonia and nitrate.
Difficulty: Middle school
The Effect of Detergents on Brassica rapa.
Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of different concentrations of detergents of plant growth. I became interested in this idea when I had a to wash clothes for a week as a homework assignment and I was looking at the ingredients and noticed some of them were volatile substances. The information gained from this experiment will alert consumers to the dang
Difficulty: Middle school
The effect of gasoline fumes on plants
This science fair project was conducted to study the effect of gasoline fumes on plants. The testing was done by placing plants beside a gasoline-filled container for different periods of time and temperatures.
Difficulty: Middle school
What effect does ozone have on the growth of radish plants?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of ozone on the plant growth of radishes.
Difficulty: Middle school
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