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Turmeric as an antioxidant
This science fair project was performed to study the effectiveness of turmeric as an antioxidant. The test was done using Perchlorate as an oxidant on Daphnia, and countering its effect using turmeric juice.
Difficulty: High school
What are some characteristics of fat?
The fats people eat can come from either plants or animals. Fats from plants and animals are similar in some ways but different in others. In the activity below, you can do some simple experiments to learn some fat facts!
Difficulty: Elementary school
What factors affect the yield and composition of meat after cooking?
To determine factors that affect the yield and composition of meat after cooking. To accomplish this ground beef will be heated to different levels of doneness and wild rice will be added to ground beef prior to heating.
Difficulty: High school
What is baking powder and what is it used for?
Many recipes call simply for baking soda rather than baking powder. Usually these recipes use some kind of liquid acid like buttermilk or yogurt to react with the baking soda to produce the bubbles.
Difficulty: High school
What is fermentation technology and how can this be demonstrated with yeast?
The purpose of this experiment is to observe the results of cellular respiration of yeasts, using grape sugar as a substrate and yielding carbon dioxide and ethanol.
Difficulty: High school
What is the effect of heat and acids on milk proteins?
In this experiment you will examine the effects of heat and acid on the protein casein in milk. The process produced a substance that was sticky like a glue.
Difficulty: Middle school
What percentage of an orange is water?
Since there is a lot of liquid juice in an orange, our hypothesis states that there will be 50% or more water in an orange.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Why do bakers use yeast to bake breads?
One thing you'll learn in this experiment is that yeast does, in fact, produce carbon dioxide gas.
Difficulty: Middle school
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