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Thermoregulation and tropical lizards
Reptiles are cold-blooded, meaning that most species of reptiles are unable to generate their own heat. This requires them to regulate the amount of heat they absorb. One method that reptiles use for thermoregulation, which is the regulation of their body temperature, is to move into the shade or water when their body temperature is high, or to bask in the sun when they are too cold and need warmi
Try predicting in which direction a mealworm will move?
Can you predict which way mealworms will move?
Difficulty: Elementary school
What are factors that affect a toad's respiration?
This is an activity which uses frogs or toads to demonstrate scientific method, by measuring the respiration rate, as well as the other external features of the live specimen. The kids enjoy working with the Arizona Toads.
Difficulty: Middle school
What are the effects of heat, moisture, and ventilation upon the development of the chicken embryo in an incubator?
The avian embryo is amazing and exciting. In only three weeks, a small clump of cells with no characteristic features of any single animal species changes into an active, newly hatched chick. A study of this transformation is educational and interesting, and gives us insight into how humans are formed.
Difficulty: High school
What are the effects of PH on the lifespan of tadpoles?
I wanted to know more about the effect of pH on a tadpole's life span. pH is how acidic or basic a liquid is. Does the pH of water in which a tadpole is placed affect its life span? Will neutral water tadpoles live longer then acidic or basic ones? My hypothesis stated that, if one tadpole lives in neutral water and another lives in acidic water, the one in neutral will live longer. I feel th
Difficulty: Middle school
What colors are birds attracted to?
This experiment asks a simple question: what colors are birds attracted to? The birds in this experiment were shown feeders that had different colors (red, orange, blue, green and white).
Difficulty: Middle school
What effect does ultraviolet radiation have on butterflies?
The goal of this project was to find out how UV light would affect the wing span, body length, and black wing coloration of tiger swallowtails (Pterourus glaucus). Two groups of tiger swallowtail pupae were exposed to UV light for 1 minute daily and 5 minutes daily, respectively. Another group received no UV light.
Difficulty: Middle school
What is a mealworm's favourite color?
Can meal worms see colors? We are not sure. If they can see colors we wanted to know if meal worms have a favorite color. Although this experiment was not exactly scientific we had a lot of fun doing it! My partner and I conducted this experiment because we thought it would be a fun and interesting experience to learn about the color preference of a mealworm. We enjoyed the time we spent on th
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is the effect of light on a Crayfish?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if Crayfish are attracted to light or repelled by light. I became interested in this idea when I had Crayfish for a class pet in fourth grade, and didnít know weather to leave the lights on around them or to leave them in a dark area.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What natural insecticide is most effective against crickets?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine what natural pesticide is most effective in killing crickets. I became interested in this idea when I heard about the possibility of banning synthetic pesticides being banned from the market, due to safety issues.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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