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The danger of static electricity at gas stations
Accidents have been known to occur at gas stations, when on especially dry days, static electricity is discharged as a driver exits or enters his car. This is especially dangerous at gas stations, as the sparks that occur during discharge sometimes lead to explosions. This science fair project was performed to investigate the amount of static electricity discharged between car seats, clothing and
Difficulty: Middle school
The relationship between the firmness of a car's suspension system and the car's speed around bends
The purpose of conducting this experiment is to find out how a change in the firmness of a car's suspension impacts the car’s speeds as it travels around bends.
Difficulty: Middle school
Tire stiffness and speed
This experiment was conducted to ascertain the relationship between the stiffness or hardness of a tire and the speed that can be achieved by a racing car. Three types of tires of different stiffness/hardness are tested using go-kart vehicles.
Difficulty: Middle school
What are the safest and toughest materials for making hot air balloons?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which material used in hot air balloons is the safest and toughest.
Difficulty: High school
What factor has the most influence on the speed of a computer?
My hypothesis is the CPU will make the most difference in speed.
Difficulty: High school
What materials work the best in a sandbag for preventing a flood?
The purpose of this experiment was to see what materials work the best in a sandbag for preventing a flood. Fine and coarse gravel, plant soil, and mulch are not usually put in sandbags to stop floods. Most people do not have a lot of sand that they can put in sandbags. That's why I'm doing this experiment, to see if fine and coarse gravel, soil, or mulch can have the same effect as sand.
Difficulty: High school
What sort of blade design works best for windmills?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which windmill blade sizes, shapes, and angles were most efficient at producing an electrical current from a generator.
Difficulty: Middle school
Which types of film are most tolerant to light?
The purpose of this experiment is to determine what film speed is most tolerant to light out of three speeds of film. (100, 400, 1600 speed film)
Difficulty: Middle school
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