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The purpose of this experiment was to acquire a percentage number for the accuracy of horoscopes. The hypothesis was that most of the subjects that were tested would find that their horoscopes would be at least 50 percent true and that very few, if any of them would find that their horoscopes would consistently be at least 90 percent accurate.
Difficulty: High school
This experiment was performed to determine whether or not one person's suggestion has as effect on another person's subconscious reactions; and even further, whether males or females react to this stimuli more. It was predicted that a person's suggestions would have an effect on the majority of the subjects' reactions, and that females would be affected most by these suggestions.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment was to relate digital noise, which was an option found in most graphic programs, to the recognition of certain pictures. In this experiment, it was expected that the digital noise, as it was decreased, would help in the recognition of images.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do hidden stimuli pass stealthily though the doors of perception? If so, do subliminal messages have any effect on the minds they invade? In the late 1950s, the American public was troubled with such questions after concealed ads were reportedly shown to unwitting movie-goers.
Difficulty: High school
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