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The following set of experiments will help you find out if people have a dominant hand, foot, eye and ear.
The following set of experiments will help you find out if people have a dominant hand, foot, eye and ear.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The Psychology of Parking
Ever go someplace like the grocery store or the mall and noticed how people park? Some people feel a need to back into a parking space; some take up two parking spaces, and then there are those who park in handicapped spaces even though they do not qualify. In this experiment, you will conduct a survey on these parking behaviors and attempt to understand the thought processes of the drivers.
What are subliminal messages and do they work?
Do hidden stimuli pass stealthily though the doors of perception? If so, do subliminal messages have any effect on the minds they invade? In the late 1950s, the American public was troubled with such questions after concealed ads were reportedly shown to unwitting movie-goers.
Difficulty: High school
What is the relationship between taste and smell?
Think of all the wonderful sensations taste can impart to us - the delicious Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! Coffee, chocolate, lush strawberries - the list goes on and on! Receptors on our tongues bind to chemicals in our food and relay the information about the chemicals to our brain. Surprisingly, all those wonderful tastes are transmitted to our
Difficulty: Elementary school
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