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Dear Moms and Dads,

Your child has a science fair project due. You would like to provide some guidance. Chances are you've spent time surfing the internet for useful ideas. Even so, you might wonder if you have the necessary information to best help your child.

Here's a checklist to help gauge your understanding of what a science project entails:

  1. Do you know how judges grade projects? Do you know what they look out for?
  2. What are the rules for displaying a project?
  3. Is it necessary to perform an experiment? (Can you do a project without an experiment?)
  4. How many different types of science projects are there?
  5. There are so many different possibilities. Is there a systematic way to choose a topic?
  6. How is scientific "Theory" different from a "Hypothesis"?
  7. What can your child do if an experiment goes wrong?

How did you do? If you can confidently answer the questions above, you're ready to provide your child with sound guidance.

However, if you were unsure about some of the questions, we offer a book that provides clear and relevant guidelines. It will guide you and your child to:

  1. Score top grades
  2. Follow guidelines to save time and reduce labor
  3. Learn from other projects and online resources

We've worked with the publisher (Science School Publishing Company) to come up with a package deal which includes the book, plus additional useful tools. This package will help your child with her project. We believe this package deal represents good value what it offers.

In addition, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go towards our site. If you feel that we've provided you and your child a useful service, we would be grateful if you would consider supporting us in this way.

To read more about the e-book, click on the following picture:

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