Science Project Summary:

How solar cells are affected by their operating temperatures

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Difficulty: Intermediate 6
Cost ($): 120
Time required: < 1 hour
1 day to prepare, 1 hour for experiment
Availability of materials:
Solar cells may be purchased from a hobby store
Required Skills: None
Safety concerns:

Heat stroke, sunstroke, dehydration - be careful when working under the sun and have an adult supervise your experiment

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This experiment was done to find out how the efficiency of the solar cell will change at different temperature conditions.
Procedure preview:
For this experiment, the independent variable is the operating temperature of the solar cell. The dependent variable is the power output from the solar cell. This is determined by measuring the voltage and current. The constants (control variables) are the resistor, lighting conditions and the solar cell type. The solar cells are assembled as shown in figure 1. The first solar cell is placed on a metal plate. The metal plate will become hot and increase the operating temperature of the solar cell The second solar cell is assembled using 4 pieces of 50mm screws, 4 nuts and 1 .....