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This experiment was performed to investigate the affect of different types of music on cats. The cats were exposed to classical, pop and rock music for comparison.


Classical music makes cats calm down faster.

Scientific Terms

Destructive behavior, stress, environment


Music and animals

Researchers have found that music can help to reduce the destructive behavior in animals. Studies on dogs in shelters have found that soft music can to help animals become more relaxed with less barking and agitation. Soothing music has also been found to help cats reduce their stress.

Animals become stressed because they are living in an environment that is not natural to them. Animals find the sounds of nature like the noise of water flowing, birds chirping and the sounds of the wind soothing compared to the sound of the cars, vacuum cleaner or the washing machine.

The hearing range of the animals is beyond the 20 kHz range. Therefore animals can hear the sounds that we cannot listen to. This is very useful in helping animal to hunt for food. This is also the reason why only dogs can hear the dog whistle and also why some animals become very agitated when the vacuum cleaner is turned on.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 4 days for experiment
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Easily available
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