Science Project Summary:

Drumstick material and rebound characteristics

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Difficulty: Intermediate 5
Cost ($): 40
Time required: < 3 days
Preparation should take 1 day, and the experiment itself will take 1 day.
Availability of materials:
The materials required for this experiment can be easily obtained at a music school
Required Skills: None
Safety concerns:


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This experiment was conducted to investigate whether the material used to make a drumstick affects its rebound height. Drumsticks of four different makes were used: the drumsticks were made from titanium, aluminum, hickory or oak.
Procedure preview:
The make of the drumstick (titanium, aluminum, hickory and oak) constitutes the independent variable. The rebound height of each drumstick makes up the dependent variable. This will be measured using the video camera. Measurements should be plotted on graph paper. The constants (control variables) are the snare drum, the dimension (length and diameter) of the drumstick and the weight used. Set up the experiment in line with what is shown in figure 1. The video camera, drumstick and graph paper are to be arranged in a straight line to measure the rebound height. The drumstick must be allowed to .....