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The materials required for the experiment are as follows:

  • A pair of titanium drumsticks (17 inches long, 0.625 inches in diameter)
  • A pair of aluminum drumsticks (17 inches long, 0.625 inches diameter)
  • A pair of hickory drumsticks (17 inches long, 0.625inches in diameter)
  • A pair of oak drumsticks (17 inches long, 0.625 inches in diameter)
  • A video camera
  • A piece of graph paper
  • A snare drum that is accompanied by a stand
  • A pulley that comes with a string
  • A stand to support the drumsticks
  • A weight that weighs 1 kilogramme


  1. The make of the drumstick (titanium, aluminum, hickory and oak) constitutes the independent variable. The rebound height of each drumstick makes up the dependent variable. This will be measured using the video camera. Measurements should be plotted on graph paper. The constants (control variables) are the snare drum, the dimension (length and diameter) of the drumstick and the weight used.
  2. Set up the experiment in line with what is shown in figure 1. The video camera, drumstick and graph paper are to be arranged in a straight line to measure the rebound height.
    drum stick rebound science project
  3. The drumstick must be allowed to rotate freely when it is mounted on the stand. When the weight is released from the pulley end,  the pulley will pull up the rear of the drumstick. This will cause the drumstick to hit the snare drum with a force. The amount of force exerted is influenced by the weight used at the pulley end.
  4. The video camera will  record the rebound reaction of the drumstick the moment it hits the snare drum. The graph paper will be used to estimate the height of the rebound. If required, adjust the position of the camera, the drumstick and the graph paper may be required before conducting the experiment.
  5. Repeat the experiment 5 times, for each of the 4 different types of drumsticks. The average rebound height is to be calculated for each type of drumstick. Record these in the table below.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation should take 1 day, and the experiment itself will take 1 day.
Material availability:
The materials required for this experiment can be easily obtained at a music school
Safety concerns: