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The hypothesis that the wooden drumsticks will produce higher rebounds has proven to be true.

In the past, drumsticks were differentiated according to how they were used in orchestra, band and street marching. However, this differentation has faded away because of the wide variety of drumsticks available today. A particular type of  drumstick may produce a particular sound. However, drumsticks made from wood are still preferred because they can be used to produce many types of sound. Those made from fiber or metal are more durable. However, they tend to produce more shock/vibration and hence are a slightly more strenuos on the drummer's wrists.

Also consider

One can alter this experiment by using weights of different weights, different types of drums, and drumsticks that are made of different thickness.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation should take 1 day, and the experiment itself will take 1 day.
Material availability:
The materials required for this experiment can be easily obtained at a music school
Safety concerns: