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The relationship between the firmness of a car's suspension system and the car's speed around bends Featured science projectScience project video


The results show that the hypothesis should be accepted. Overall, the stiffer the spring, the faster the car travels around bends. However, it is interesting to note that the springs of medium-firmness performed the worst for the round circuit.

This information is useful for understanding the relationship between the stiffness of the spring and the speed of the car. Generally, a stiffer spring provides for a faster car. However,  engineers must not take only the suspension into consideration. Engineers and designers must balance speed, safety and aesthetics when designing cars.

Also consider

What other factors affect the speed of the car?

Will using tires of different widths/firmness affect the result of the experiment?


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
2 hours to prepare the car for experiment, 1 hour to run the experiment.
Material availability:
Remote control cars and springs are available from recreational/hobby/toy shops. Some cars run on fuel while others run on batteries.
Safety concerns:

Ensure that the cars are run in a safe location. Never do so on an actual road.