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The materials required for the experiment are as follows:

-    5 bird feeders
-    5 cans of spray paint that come in different colors (red, orange, blue, green and white)
-    a pack of sunflower seeds


1.    For this experiment, the independent variable is the color of 5 bird feeders (red, orange, blue, green and white). The dependent variable is the number of birds that visit each feeder. This is determined by observing and counting how many birds visit each feeder. The constants (control variables) are the amount of time allocated as feeding time, the type of bird food used, and the size of the bird feeders.

2.    Paint the 5 bird feeders red, orange, blue, green and white using the spray paint. Let them dry for 2 days.

3.    On the third day, the paint should have dried completely. Arrange the bird feeders such that they are each 3m apart from one another.

4.    Feed the birds only once a day, in the morning between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Fill the trays in the feeders with sunflower seeds. Count how many birds feed at each feeder and record this in the table below.

5.    Over the next 4 days, randomly change the position of the bird feeders. Are the birds still attracted to the same feeders? Does the color or location of the feeders play a bigger role? Repeat procedure number 4. Ensure that the birds are fed only once a day, and feeding should occur at the same time each morning.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
It will take 3 days to prepare for this science project, and 5 days to conduct it
Material availability:
Easily found at a pet store
Safety concerns: