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The hypothesis holds true: of all the feeders, the birds enjoyed eating from the red feeder the most.

Bird watching is a common hobby. For young watchers, bird watching is both educational and entertaining. Bird watching can also leads to other interests such as nature trekking and photography. Having a bird sanctuary or feeder at home is a good idea. On top of the above advantages of bird watching, birds help with pest control: they eat insects in your garden.

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Use different types of feed such as worms, corn and berries, to further test whether birds actually have a preference for the color of the feeder. For example, if you ascertain that the birds prefer a particular type of feed over another, and yet, when placed in the red feeder, the less popular type of feed attracts more birds, that will help corroborate your findings.

What colors are particular species of birds attracted to? .


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Easily found at a pet store
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