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Do homing pigeons find their way home more quickly at different times of the day?Featured science projectScience project video


The pigeons were able to find their way home more quickly in the afternoon than in the morning.

Condition Time the pigeons take to fly home (minutes)
  Pigeon 1 Pigeon 2 Pigeon 3 Pigeon 4 Pigeon 5
Morning –day1 48 44 51 47 39
Afternoon-day1 35 33 38 36 33
Morning –day2 45 46 48 44 41
Afternoon-day2 37 32 35 33 34


Use the graph below to plot your results

Homing pigeon science fair project

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
It will take an hour to prepare for this science project, and 2 days for observation.
Material availability:
Contact a pigeon breeder. You will need one who can supply the pigeons for the experiment.
Safety concerns:

Keep your hands clean before and after handling the pigeons. Pigeon waste is highly toxic.