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This experiment was conducted to compare the effectiveness of using a light sensor and a touch sensor on a conveyor belt. The experiment was done by using a light and touch sensor to count the number of boxes on a conveyor belt.


The light sensor will be able to cope better than the touch sensoras a counter, even if the speed of the  conveyor is increased.

Scientific Terms

Sensor, thermostat, speedometer



Sensors are devices that are used to measure or detect a specific response or movement and to convert this information into a signal that can be interpreted and processed by an observer, another instrument or a computer. A sensor can collect data and convert it by many means and methods. Sensors are actually transducers, devices that help to convert energy from one form into another.

There are many types of sensors that do not depend on electronics means to convert and interpret data. The thermometer is one such example. The expanding mercury in the thermometer will detect thermal energy. The kinetic energy in the mercury atoms will cause the mercury in the thermometer to expand or contract accordingly. The mercury level will rise up or down to indicate the temperature.

Modern day sensors can be found everywhere around us. Our cars have fuel gauges to detect petrol levels, thermostats to monitor engine temperatures, speedometers to show the speed, reverse sensors and car alarms. Sensors are also used to detect light, touch, temperature, proximity and are used in thousands of applications.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 1 hour for observation
Material availability:
Sensors and electronic counters may be purchased from hobby stores. Access to a conveyor belt is required.
Safety concerns: