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Reducing nitrate levels in water with denitrifying bacteria Featured science projectScience project video


The hypothesis that nitrate-rich water containing denitrifying bacteria will have a faster rate of reduction in nitrate levels has been proven to be true.

The level of nitrate and nitrite in the drinking water is normally regulated for the safety and protection of human health and also for the preservation of the aquatic ecosystem. US drinking water standards require the levels of nitrate to be kept below 10mg/liter and nitrite to be kept below 1.0ml/liter. High levels of nitrate in drinking water are known to affect the ability of blood to carry oxygen and cause the blue baby syndrome in infants.

Also consider

The experiment may be repeated to check the levels of ammonia and nitrite in water.

The experiment may also be modified to compare the effect of denitrification in water samples from different sources.


Denitrifying bacteria -

Water quality -

Selecting forms of nitrogen fertilizer -

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Time required:
1 day for preparation, 21 days for observation
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Easily found
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