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The hypothesis that peanut oil will have the highest proportion of saturated fat, and will take the longest time to become revert to its original color, was proven to be true. Peanut oil has the highest saturated fat content and the lowest proportion of unsaturated fat among the 5 types of cooking oil tested. As iodine reacts with unsaturated oil to lose its color, a lower proportion of unsaturated oil content will require a longer reaction time for the iodine in the oil to lose its color.

The consumption of unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat is recommended to maintain a healthy heart, as well as to reduce the  risk of stroke and cancer. Oils that are low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat should be used in cooking. Consuming more soluble fiber that is found in fruits and vegetables can help to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Also consider

What would happen if the science fair project was repeated using different types of oils like oil palm, coconut oil or sunflower oil?

The science fair project can be also repeated to measure the amount of iodine required for all the unsaturated fat in the oil to react.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation, 1 hour for observation
Material availability:
Easily found. Iodine solution may be obtained from a chemist
Safety concerns: