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The hypothesis that bioethanol has a lower energy density than gasoline, and therefore will cause a smaller increase in water temperature when burned, has been proven to be true.

The rising price of oil has increased the demand for biofuel as an alternative fuel. In 2008, about 1.8% of fuel used in transportation was sourced from biofuel. However, the increasing production of biofuel has raised concerns regarding the rising price of animal feed and livestock.

Also consider

The experiment may be repeated by using different types of biofuel, such as biodiesel.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation, 1 hour for experiment
Material availability:
Easily available. However, access to a laboratory is required for this experiment
Safety concerns:

Take great care when lighting flammable liquids. Conduct experiment in the presence of a qualified adult supervisor. Keep a fire extinguisher on standby, and perform the experiment in a laboratory.