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This science fair project was performed to compare the ability of participants to recognize and repeat the musical notes that they hear. Testing was done using only the left ear, only the right ear and both ears.


The participants will be able to recognize the notes better when using only the left ear.

Scientific Terms

Tone deaf, genetic inheritance, intonation


Tone deaf

Tone deafness refers to a condition where a person is unable to distinguish between the different musical notes. Afflicted persons are not able to recognize the difference when 2 different musical notes are played. This inability is not caused by a lack of musical knowledge or training, but is instead caused by genetic inheritance or brain damage.
Tone deafness is a disability that is shown in music only. People who are tone deaf do not have a problem in recognizing the different intonations in human speech. This disability is also associated with the inability to follow musical rhythms and recognize songs.

Comparing right and left ears

Recent research has found that our left ears and right ears process sound in different ways. Our left ears are more inclined to listen to musical sounds while right ears are more attuned to sounds of speech. This is because the sound from the right ear is channeled to the left side of the brain while the sound from the left ear is channeled to the right side of the brain, and our left and right brains process sound information differently.

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1 day for preparation and experimentation
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