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This science fair project was done to compare the imaginative abilities of male and female participants. The test was done by asking participants to draw an images from their imagination.


Female participants are better at producing drawing from their imagination.

Scientific Terms

Imagination, image, sensation, visualization



Imagination is the ability of our brain to create an image or impression in our minds without perceiving the information directly through sight or other senses. It is the product of our thought and visualization. Sometimes the thought and visualization process recalls past experiences of things that have been seen, heard or felt, in order to create something new and original.

Children are normally very imaginative and like to fantasize. When they do it too frequently, it is called day dreaming. It is common among young girls to dream of being princesses while boys normally imagine themselves to be warriors or heroes. When stories or fairy tales are read to children, their minds visualize the events taking place in these stories.

Great works of art, poetry and literature are the works of someone’s imaginations. Children’s fairy tales and short stories are works of fiction that were created to capture the imagination of children. Stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland introduces children’s minds to worlds that do not exist in reality. However, they were first created in the minds of very imaginative authors.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 2 hours for the science project experiment
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Easily found
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