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How does the bow of a ship influence water resistance?Featured science projectScience project video


This science fair project aims to investigate how the shape of the boat’s bow affects the amount of fluid resistance experienced by the boat in water.


The boat having a V-shaped bow and a curved bottom experiences the least amount of fluid resistance.

Scientific Terms

Fluid resistance, buoyancy, drag, corrosion


Mechanics of a ship

The front  of a boat or a ship is called the bow and its rear is called the stern. The buoyancy of a ship enables it to stay afloat and move forward in  water. (As the ship moves forward, it will experience fluid resistance. A boat’s bow is designed to minimize  fluid resistance or drag experienced by the boat  as it moves forward in the water. The larger the surface area of the boat in contact with the water and the higher the speed of the boat, the larger the fluid resistance experienced by the boat. The height of the bow should also be sufficient to prevent water from splashing over the hull of the boat in order to prevent wet floors and corrosion on the surface of the deck of the boat.

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Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day for preparation, 2 hours to carry out the science project experiment
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Easily found
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