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The hypothesis that Peperomia plant’s roots grows faster  hydroponically than in soil  is proven to be true.

The largest hydroponics farm in the world is located in Wilcox Arizona.  It belongs to Eurofresh farms. This farm produces over 50 million kilograms of pesticide free tomatoes every year! To increase the yield of hydroponic farms, carbon dioxide is sometimes injected into the hydroponic environment. This is fairly easy to implement especially in hydroponic greenhouses.

Also consider

The science fair project can be repeated by varying the type of plants used for the experiment. Also, it would be interesting to see if different types of nutrient solutions affect the rate of growth of the roots.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day for preparation 21 days for observation
Material availability:
May be found at a nursery
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements