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Project title The invincible soap bubble!Featured science projectScience project video
Difficulty Level Elementary school
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Do you like playing with bubbles? Almost every kid loves to blow bubbles Ė and wishes that their bubbles donít pop or evaporate so quickly! This science fair project was performed to determine if adding other substances to a bubble solution can help the bubbles last longer. Testing was done by adding corn syrup, sugar water, glycerin and lemon juice the to the bubble solution. 

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1. For this science fair project, the independent variable is the additive added to the bubble solution – soap, corn syrup, glycerin, sugar and lemon. The dependent variable is the length of time the soap bubbles are able to last before bursting. This is measured with a stopwatch. The constants (control variables) are the room temperature and the mixing ratio of the bubble solution. 2. Using the black marker pen, the 5 plastic cups are labeled as “soap”, “corn syrup”, “glycerin”, “sugar” and “lemon”. 3. Each cup is filled with 100ml of water. Another 20ml of liquid detergent is .....
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