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The results show that the women in Group 1 who took the iron tablets daily were able to better their time taken to complete the 5 km run on the treadmill. Whereas the women in Group 2 (given the placebo) did not show any improvement in their performance.

Group Time taken to complete 5 km on treadmill (minutes)
  Before consuming supplements After consuming supplements
1 – provided with iron supplement 24.7 22.9
2 – provided with placebo 24.9 24.6

The graph below represents the results of our science experiment:

iron deficiency science fair project

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 14 days to conduct the science project experiment
Material availability:
You will need access to a doctor and the necessary equipment to perform the iron-deficiency tests. You will also need access to a gymnasium for the treadmill.
Safety concerns:

Ensure that a doctor is consulted before the iron supplements are prescribed to the participants.