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Have you ever tried playing the Wii? Have you wondered whether the Wii can actually be used to teach someone who has never tried playing tennis, bowling or golf, how to play? This science fair project was done to determine if playing the Wii can improve a child’s performance at sports. The experiment was done using the Nintendo Wii Sports game.


Playing Wii Sports will help inexperienced participants improve their performance at the actual game.

Scientific Terms

Wii sports, motion sensors


Wii sports video game

Videos have been used as a training tool in many sports like golf, swimming or tennis. However, these videos serve as "instruction manuals", providing only audio and visual information and tips.

The introduction of motion-detecting sports video games like Wii Sports by Nintendo, allows players to interact and have hands-on participation in a simulated sports game. There are 5 types of Wii Sports games – golf, bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing. The advent of the motion sensor Wii game controller enables the player to hold a game controller, almost as he would hold the actual sport equipment, swing it like a bowling ball, racket or a golf club, simulating movement in an actual sports game. These games also have a "training mode" to help train players in specific skills required for the sport.

Educationists are starting to recognize the ability of video games to contribute in  training and learning. They realize that video games actually do  help to enhance a student’s interest, understanding, as well as his performance in sports.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day to prepare, 14 days for science project experiment
Material availability:
You will need to borrow 2 Wii consoles with as many controllers as possible, and 2 copies of Wii Sports
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements