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Determining the effectiveness of cinnamon oil as a natural insect repellentFeatured science projectScience project video


It was observed that most of the insects avoided the cinnamon coated banana. The few that went towards the cinnamon coated banana only spent a short time on its surface. Instead, majority of the insects were attracted to the untreated banana, and either stayed on the surface of the untreated banana or remained in its vicinity.

It was also observed that there were some insects that stayed on the wall of the tank instead of either half of the bananas.

Condition of banana Number of insects that stayed on the surface of a banana or remained near its vicinity
Ants Cockroaches Mosquito Flies
Untreated 16 12 18 16
Cinnamon-coated 2 4 1 3

Use the graph below to plot the results of the observations recorded in the table above.

natural insect repellent science fair project

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Preparations will take approximately one day, four hours are required for observation
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Easily found
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