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Examining the effect of spring resistance on a radio controlled carís speed Featured science projectScience project video


The objective of this science fair project is to determine if the resistance of the spring used in a radio controlled car will affect its speed performance.


A firmer spring will increase the speed of a radio controlled car.

Scientific Terms

Radio signal, transmitter, receiver, antenna


Radio controlled (RC) cars

Radio controlled cars are model vehicles that are operated using a remote controller. The operator of the remote controller  is usually located at a distance away from the car, and commands are given through the use of a joystick on the remote controller. The remote controller uses a transmitter to send radio signals that will be picked up by the antenna and receiver in the car. These signals are then interpreted by the electronic circuitry in the car as commands to move, turn or stop.

Radio controlled (RC) cars are available as either toy  or hobby cars. Toy cars are affordable and are normally sold in department stores and toy stores. They can be found in various attractive colors and shapes, and typically come fully assembled. However, spare parts are not readily available when these cars break down.

RC cars for hobbyists are normally sold as kits and require self assembly. These cars require regular maintenance to ensure proper performance and to prevent breakdowns. Spare parts are readily available, which enables modifications and upgrading of such vehicles. As these cars are made using stronger materials, they are more durable are suitable for high speed and obstacle course racing. These RC hobby cars are typically more expensive.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation will take approximately one hour, while observation and recording of data will require one day
Material availability:
Easily found at toy store
Safety concerns:

Safety concerns:Observe proper road safety - never play on an actual road. Find a safe, secluded place (eg. basketball court) to perform your experiment