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Examining the effect of spring resistance on a radio controlled carís speed Featured science projectScience project video


Springs that had large and medium resistance were observed to increase the speed of the RC car for the straight line course when compared to the spring that has the lowest resistance. However, for the course with the corners and turns, the speed of the RC car was observed to be the fastest when it was set up with springs that had the lowest resistance.


Course Type Time taken by RC car using different spring resistance (seconds)
  Large Medium Low
Straight line course 4.45 4.52 5.27
Corner & turn course 16.25 15.33 12.47


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation will take approximately one hour, while observation and recording of data will require one day
Material availability:
Easily found at toy store
Safety concerns:

Safety concerns:Observe proper road safety - never play on an actual road. Find a safe, secluded place (eg. basketball court) to perform your experiment