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The experimental data and analyzed results support the hypothesis that female participants are able to recall more information from short term memory than male participants. However, the difference between the genders’ test scores was noted to be only approximately 1.2%.

Some children and adults are more gifted than others in their ability to store and recall information from memory. Their special memory skills that they have are innate, or in other words, given by nature. However, memory skills can also be developed and improved through nurturing, which can be seen from the numerous techniques available to improve our memory. Specialized books and courses are also available in the market to equip the public with memory enhancing techniques.

Also consider

The experiment can also be carried out through the use of flash cards to test the participants’ ability to recall or by asking them to memorize words.

This experiment can also be repeated again using a younger or older group of participants.


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Preparation will take approximately one hour, and observation and recording of data will require another hour
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Easily found
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