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The materials required for this science fair project:
- 20 participants –  boys and girls of various ages
- 16 plastic containers
- The following foods in both regular fat and low fat versions :
1. Milk
2. Yogurt
3. Ice cream
4. Jam
5. Cheese
6. Cookies
7. Potato chips
- 20 forms to fill
- 20 disposable plates and spoons
- 20 bottles of drinking water
- 1 black marker pen


1. For this science fair project, the independent variable is the regular fat and low fat food. The dependent variable is the choice made by the participant in selecting between the regular fat version and the low fat version. The constants (control variables) are size of the plastic containers and the amount of foot tasted, per serving.

2. Eight of the plastic containers are marked “1” using the marker pen and the remaining 8 are marked as “2”. Procedure 3 and 4 below will be done without the knowledge of the participants.

3. The regular fat and low fat versions of the following foods are purchased – milk, yogurt, ice cream, jam, cheese,  cookies and potato chips.

4. The regular fat and low fat foods are then removed from their packaging and randomly placed into containers marked “1” or “2”. A separate list is made to identify by number which food is the regular and which is low fat. This list will be used to check the answers by the participants.

5. A form for the participants to fill up is prepared as shown below in Table 1. The participants are invited to taste the food and select the item they think has the regular fat content. Each of them   is given  one  form to fill, 1 plate, 1 spoon and a bottle of drinking water to wash away the taste.

Table 1 – Form for participant survey




Ice cream




Potato chip



6. After the participants have completed filling out the forms, the results are collected for analysis and the number of correct answers are recorded in the table below.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day to prepare, 1 hour for science fair project
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements