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Our hypothesis has been proven to be true. Increasing the DC voltage applied to the electrolyte solution will speed up the release of hydrogen gas.

Electrolysis has many uses. It is used in industrial processes like electroplating as well as in certain measuring devices like the pH meter. Astronauts use electrolysis to produce oxygen in space.

Also consider

This science fair project can be repeated by varying the amount of salt in the water.

This science project may be modified by using different types of electrolytes like vinegar or sulfuric acid.


Electrolysis -

Electrolysis -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
It will take an hour to set up the science experiment, and an hour to conduct it
Material availability:
Easily found at a hobby store.
Safety concerns:

Use only batteries. Do not connect to mains supply.  Conduct the experiment under supervision of a qualified person. Highly flammable gasses will be released. Ensure that protective gear is worn at all times.