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The materials required for our project are as follows:
- a light source (for example, a laser pointer)
- 2 sheets of cardboards 100mm x 100mm in size
- a paper cutter
- a stack of newspapers
- a white board to act as the screen


1. Two small slits are made in the middle of the first sheet of cardboard. The cardboard sheets are placed on the newspaper stack before they are cut. This will prevent the table from being damaged. The slit should be 1 mm x 5 mm. The slits are parallel to each other and 5mm apart. Only one slit about 1 mm x 5 mm is made in the middle of the second sheet of cardboard.

 double slit experiment

2. The experiment is set up as illustrated in figure 1. The light source is placed in front of the cardboard sheet and the whiteboard acting as the screen is placed at the back.

3. The distance between the light source and the screen is adjusted so that the diameter of the circle of light that falls on the slits is larger than the slits on the cardboard. The experiment is best performed in a dark room with the lights switched off.

4. The tests are done using the cardboards with 1 slit and 2 slits. The light patterns on the white board are observed. The distance between the white board, the cardboard and the light source are to be adjusted to obtain the best results.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
It will take an hour to set up the experiment, and an hour to conduct it
Material availability:
The materials required for this science experiment can be purchased at a department store.
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements.