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The hypothesis that fractals can be used to make beautiful shapes and images is proven to be true. The image shown in figure 2 may yet be further expanded to make it look even more beautiful and intricate. Adding colors will make it look even more attractive.

In nature fractals can be used to define both chaos and harmony. Fractals can be used to explain the geometric shapes of a storm cloud, the silhouette of mountains and of raging hurricanes. Similarly, looking at the fern leaf, broccoli or the strawberry, we can observe the same fractal working in symmetry.

Living organisms may be said, in a sense, to befractals made from  a basic cell. These cells are also fractals made from amino acids. The amino acids are also fractals made from atoms at the lowest level!

Also consider

Try using other basic shapes like a square, circle or triangle of different sizes.

Try to complete your research using a computer to simulate the growth of the fractals. Add colors to make the final result  look more attractive.


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1 hour to prepare, 1 day for research
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Easily found
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