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You should be able to prove that your hypothesis is true -  that Monarch butterflies will not be able to survive wet and freezing cold temperature. You should observe that the butterflies will die if their wet wings are exposed to freezing temperatures.

Changing weather conditions can be lethal to many fragile living organisms like the Monarch butterflies. Under these circumstances, the butterflies will need to adapt to new weather conditions, and find a new resting place for the winter or risk becoming extinct.

Also consider

What would happen if the science fair project were to be repeated by placing the butterflies inside the cold storage room without wetting their wings first?

The science fair project can be repeated to find out more precisely how many hours or days  the Monarch butterflies with wet wings will be able to survive in freezing temperatures.


Monarch butterfly - (butterfly)

Flying into climate change -

Monarch butterfly endangered by global warming -

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