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The hypothesis has been proven to be false. There was no significant difference in the speed of typing using the split keyboard and the normal keyboard. The split keyboard was not a device invented to increase or decrease the speed of typing. It was created to prevent injuries due to prolonged typing. Whilst it took a while for the participants to get used to the split keyboard, eventually, they were able to get up to speed!

Most people benefit from using normal keyboards and are able to continue to use them for long hours without any injuries. However there are those who are unable to do so and suffer from wrist and shoulder pain/stress. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury attributed to long hours of typing – and it can be debilitating. For these persons, the split keyboard may be a better choice.

Also consider

The science fair project can be repeated to compare how long a person can continue to type on the normal keyboard compared to the split keyboard before becoming tired.

Try to repeat the science fair project to compare the number of words typed in a day using the normal keyboard and the split keyboard.


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1 day to prepare, 30 days for the science project experiment
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Easily found
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