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Our hypothesis has been proven to be false. Even though the boys did better than the girls by 0.4%, there were a few schools where the girls performed better than the boys. Overall, the difference between the boys and girls, was insignificant.

Girls tend to perform more poorly than boys in countries where gender inequality still exists. In most modern/developed countries like the USA, and in Europe,, where  boys and girls are treated equally, girls perform equally well, or even better, than boys.  It is believed that nurture (and not nature,) causes the difference in performance.

Also consider

This science fair project may be repeated, this time, with students from different age groups.

Modify the science project experiment, using data on math exam results for the top 10 students only, from various schools and comparing the difference in performance of the boys and girls.


Are boys better than girls at math? -

Boys not better than girls at math – study finds -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day to prepare, 14 days for science project experiment
Material availability:
Participation of various schools.
Safety concerns: