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Difficulty Level High school
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We know that wearing dark colored clothing on a hot sunny day makes us feel warmer - this explains why light/pastel colors are popular choices for summer clothing. Does this however mean, that light colored clothing is more effective at blocking/preventing ultra violet radiation from reaching our skin? This science fair project was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of different colored clothing in blocking out ultraviolet radiation. The science project involved using black, blue, red and yellow cotton cloth. 

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1. For this science fair project, the independent variable is the color of the cotton cloth used to block the UV radiation – black, blue, red and white. The dependent variable is the level UV radiation measured. This is determined by using the UV meter. The constants (control variables) are the time the measurements are taken, the level of sunlight on the testing day and the geological location where the testing is done. 2. The empty glass aquarium is placed under direct sunlight at around noon, away from any shadows. The UV meter is placed inside the glass aquarium .....
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