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This science fair project was performed to compare the efficiency of hydro-electric generated power and wind generated power.


Hydro power generation is more efficient than wind power generation.

Scientific Terms

Hydropower, water cycles, potential energy, kinetic energy, renewable energy, wind power, power grid



Hydropower is energy that is derived from the flow of water downstream. Our planet's water cycle is such that rain falls in places of higher altitude. The rain water will possess more potential energy at a higher altitude. This energy will then be converted into kinetic energy as the water flows downstream into a river.

By building dams across rivers and using generators, we are able to convert the potential energy and kinetic energy in the water into electric power. This is an excellent source of renewable energy as it does not release any pollution into our environment. However, the building of dams required for the generation of electricity may result in a change in the direction that the river flows and alters the natural ecosystem. Wildlife and fish population are also affected by the building of dams.

Wind turbines

Wind energy is the power obtained from the wind using wind turbines or wind mills. Wind turbines produce electrical power while wind mills produce mechanical power. Wind farms are created with turbines located on towers that capture energy from the wind, covert it into electricity and supply it to a power grid. Wind turbines normally do not produce energy at speeds below 10mph and they are normally shut down at speeds above 50mph for safety reasons.

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