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The hypothesis that baby mice fed with jelly beans will grow more quickly than those fed with apples, is proven to be true.

Fruit contain natural sugar together with carbohydrates, minerals, fibers and vitamins that can be part of a healthy diet. Whilst fruit does contain a fairly high amount of sugar, anything that is taken in moderation can be included into a healthy diet.

Also consider

What would happen if the science fair project was repeated to compare the weight gain of male and female mice given the 2 types of diet?

The science fair project can also be done to observe the weight variation of fully grown mice given food with different levels of sugar.


Diet containing too much sugar can quickly cause weight gain -

Carbohydrates – do they cause weight gain? -

Sugar -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 14 days for the science project experiment
Material availability:
Mice may be purchased at a pet store.
Safety concerns:

Wear protective gloves when handling the mice to prevent being bitten. Adult assistance is required.