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This science fair project was performed to study the effect of green tea on the heartbeat of daphnia. The science project experiment was done by comparing green tea and Altace, a blood pressure medication.


Herbal green tea is able to reduce the heart beat of daphnia.

Scientific Terms

Antioxidants, fluoride, tannins, catechins, Altace


Green Tea

Green tea is a popular traditional drink in Japan and China. Some sources claim that it is the second most popular drink in the world after water. Herbal green tea can be purchased as tablets, capsules, powder, dried tea leaves or as bottled drinks.

A ton of research is being done to better understand the healing properties of green tea. Green tea contains several antioxidants that help to protect and prevent cell damage. It also contains fluoride, tannins and catechins. Recent studies have shown that green tea helps to prevent cancer and heart disease. It also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. The fluoride contained in the tea helps to prevent tooth decay and tannin reduces stomach indigestion problems.


Altace is a drug that is prescribed for the treatment and reduction of high blood pressure. It is also prescribed to help prevent heart attacks and stroke. This medication does not cure high blood pressure but helps to keep it under control.

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Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 1 day for science fair project
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Easily found
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