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Life in the trees: leaf munchers, sap suckers and twig mimicsFeatured science project


Using your completed data tables, make some conclusions about the trees from which you collected insects.  Were there any differences among the three trees in number and type of insects collected.  Why or why not?  Use observations about the tree or the insects to inform your conclusions.

Make it Your Own

Choose a tree from which you have previously collected insects.  Collect insects from this tree once a week or once a month by following the procedure here and accurately recording data on the quantity and number of insect orders for each collection.  After you have collected insects and data from the same tree for 5 different weeks or months, use your data tables to compare your collections.  On what days did you find the most number of insects?  On what dates did you find the most insect orders?   Were there any differences in the types of insects collected on each date?  What do you think is the cause of such results?


Guide to insect orders from Encyclopedia of Life-

Overview of insect orders on Bugguide-

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    Complexity level:
    Project cost ($):
    Time required:
    You will need time to locate three different species of trees, collect insects from the trees and bring them home for identification using a key. You will need time to settle down the insects for handling. It will also take time to learn to use a key.
    Material availability:
    Safety concerns:

    Be careful with biting, stinging or spraying insects!  Follow the procedure for handling insects.