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Convergent Evolution: Why bears and seals are more similar than you thinkScience project video


Note: Refer to the resources under the bibliography section as well other online resources to conduct this investigation.

  1. Identify a biome:
    • Desert
    • Savannah, prairies and grassland
    • Forest and woodland
    • Tropical rain forest
    • Mountains
    • Fresh water
    • Ocean
    • Tundra
  2. Identify two different continents that contain the biome you selected.
  3. Research the characteristics of the biome such as:
    • Weather conditions
    • Annual Rainfall
    • Temperature
    • The plant life that characterizes the biome
  4. Research the species that inhabit the selected biome for both continents.
  5. Select two different species, one from each continent that you believe may share similar physical characteristics. Consider both internal and external physical characteristics:


  • Limb structure
  • Shape of teeth or beaks
  • Claw size
  • Tail: Prehensile, flattened, or longer than body length.
  • Skin features: (Example: Scales, armor, or fur length).


  • Bone structure
  • Specialized stomach
  • Note: The previous list are just examples and not exclusive of all the possible adaptive characteristics.


Form a conclusion as to whether the shared physical characteristics are consistent with the demands posed by the selected biome.

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